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Natole Turbine Enterprises (NTE) provides gas turbine consulting to the Utility, Cogen, IPP, and Pipeline gas turbine market. These services are directed toward component repair, rotor refurbishment, overhaul, upgrading and reapplication.

NTE's independent position, professional expertise and in-depth knowledge provides gas turbine operators a resource that has intimate knowledge of the Gas Turbine manufacture, repair processes, service/repair organizations, operations/maintenance practices, component interchangeability & uprate issues.

         Special GT Rotor & Component Issues Repairability & Sourcing

         Education and Training

         Intellectual Technical Property

         Used GT: Reapplications, Uprates & Inspections

         Loss, Insurance and Litigation Expert

         New GT: Factory Test & Site Installation-Verify & Witness


Houston, TX Area
Tel: 281-381-6592
Email: nte@natoleturbine.com


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